Hello earthies and welcome to our website. My name is Pops and I am a Mizard, I will help you learn how to do long division without pulling your hair out. Long division has and always will confuse the heck out of earthlings, Mizards are mathematical wizards and long division is our passion and vision. We have released a free version of our app for you to practice all that you learn from this article, so if you are looking for a fun way to learn you have come to the right place.

OK so how about if I were to say to you I will show you a formula that will help you learn long division before we even introduce any numbers? I know right, crazy!! It is true though, so many explanations of this snoring subject are online and how confusing they are! At the end of the day you earthies need it to stick in your head. Divisor, dividend, quotient already I am asleep haha. Seriously that trio of words are not going to stick in any ones noggin!

Below you will see our hints page straight from our free app, take a look at it and then watch our rap video until you have the formula firmly placed within your brainy box. Then look further down the page at an example of one of our sums.

Our Formula - Hints Page

There are three main steps to follow when working out how to do long division. Below you will see our formula for you to follow, removing the snoring words divisor, dividend and quotient and replacing them with us awesome Mizards! Now once you have followed these three simple steps, if you have not completed your sum there is a fourth step to follow. Repeat over and over until you have your final answer...take a few moments to get to know us :-)

Cool Rap video - Watch till It's stuck in ya head!

See our formula in action

working out how to do long division fun and easy way

Look at the sum above and follow our hints!

how to do long division part 1
how to do long division part 2
how to do long division step 3
On the fourth step of the formula "Now What?" where the hint message asks "Did Go Below turn in to Mr Stops?" On our android app Go Below (who has the number 7 in his mouth) will automatically turn in to Mr Stops if there are more phases of the sum to complete. If there are more phases to complete the top line of Mr Stops will highlight, simply press him and all you have to do then is repeat the above formula until the sum is complete.

Wooohoooo! It's even easier on our app!

That wasn't too painful was it?  We have a paid and a free version of our app so that you can learn how to do long division in a fun and easy way! By the time you have completed the PRO version of our app you will become a master Mizard and with this title comes great responsibility. Please join us in our mission and pass on your knowledge to all of your friends, lets help turn long division in to a stress free subject but more importantly, NO MORE PULLING OUT YOUR HAIR!!! Look at Go Below for instance he is the only Mizard who was raised by earthies and well seriously, look at his hair! lol. You cannot change that you are human but you can change how you learn long division. meep meep `(0o)

Click on either of the Google Play badges below to find out more...have fun earthies!!

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    How to do long division

    You cannot change the fact that you are human but you can change how you learn      long division!
    meep meep `(0o)


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    Long Division